Properties are and always has been, a secure investment with high returns. The richest families in the world invest their capital in properties for that very reason. However, the prerequisite for success is that you have the right knowledge, that you know how to calculate your investments and that you have access to the right statistics and information. Our courses give you the necessary knowledge and network allowing you to feel confident with the strategy you have chosen for your project.

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Financial freedom is for everyone. You just need to know where to start. We believe that properties is the easiest and the fastest track to financial freedom. Start now with a free course: "Becoming financially independent through properties - 5 easy steps".

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We collected for you a selection of websites that are super useful when investing in properties in the UK. List of websites covers various aspects of every investment from due diligence, finding the right property down to advertising your rental property in the market.
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When you start a property journey you need to understand a few metrics in order to make your property a secure investment. We prepared a few of them, explained them and build a handy excelsheet that will let you research your property in a quick and easy way. Download the calculator

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